Blankbottle Epileptic Inspiration 2018

Blankbottle Epileptic Inspiration 2018

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100% Semillon from Elgin, made after Pieter had his second epileptic fit. The label is a scan of his brain, the resulting wine is incredibly complex. Savoury nutty notes interspersed with stone fruit and saline finish.

Country: South Africa

Region: Elgin and Baardseerdersbos

Grapes: Semillon

ABV: 13.5%


Winemakers don't come much more creatively brilliant than the genius that is Pieter Walser. He's the sort of man that's had more fantastic ideas before breakfast than we manage in a whole week and that talent shines through in his wines. Each comes with a story often as captivating as they are mystifying so we've asked him to record a few to give you an insight into the magic behind the vino!