Winzerhof Stahl Weissburgunder 2022

Winzerhof Stahl Weissburgunder 2022

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Intense aromatics with flavors of pears, grapefruit, melon, and gooseberry. Brilliant minerality and moderate acidity. Complex and juicy, yet unwaveringly lithe. Lingering finish.

Country: Austria

Region: Niederostereich

ABV: 13.5%

Grape: 100% Weissburgunder

Food Match: Beautiful when paired with fresh salads or a diverse range of Asian-inspired dishes.

Fun Fact:  Weissburgunder (/vīs-bur-gūn-dur/) is another grape of the pinot family which originated in Burgundy, France. For that reason, the German word “burgunder” is used to mean pinot in the same sense French and English speakers use it. “Weiss,” like “blanc” in French or “bianco” in Italian, is the German word for the color white. So weissburgunder is the German name for pinot blanc/bianco

Winzerhof Stahl is a dynamic young estate from one of Germany’s rising star winemakers, Christian Stahl. Christian has been making waves on the national and international wine scene since he established the estate in 2005, winning multiple accolades across the world in recognition of his talent and contribution to the world of wine.

Based in Franken, in Bavaria, Stahl makes wines in a region with a long and fruitful viticultural history, spanning over 1200 years. The Main River runs through the verdant countryside, where small villages of cobblestone paving and timber-framed houses dot the landscape. Auernhofen, where Winzerhof Stahl is situated, is one of these such villages.