Weisser Burgunder Schriebieis Edwin Reserve 2015

Weisser Burgunder Schriebieis Edwin Reserve 2015

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Edwin Schreibis unveiled this, his own small batch Weissburgunder for us on our first meeting and we were blown away-----

Weissburgunder is usually light to medium on the palate, but not this one - in fact it has a lot of the weight and length of finish of good Chardonnays but with the spice and nutty tones that make this such a brilliant grape. If you have the willpower to lay it down, and we don't, you'll be rewarded with honey, butter, vanilla and almond crisp tones as the wine develops further. A real treat of a wine. 

Country: Austria

Region: Niederostereich

ABV: 13.5%

Grape: 100% Weissburgunder

Fun Fact:  Weissburgunder (/vīs-bur-gūn-dur/) is another grape of the pinot family which originated in Burgundy, France. For that reason, the German word “burgunder” is used to mean pinot in the same sense French and English speakers use it. “Weiss,” like “blanc” in French or “bianco” in Italian, is the German word for the color white. So weissburgunder is the German name for pinot blanc/bianco