• Mark TI made an online order here recently and phoned to make a query about the ordering process. In talking to the lady (who was very knowledgeable and interested) she advised changing the selection of wine I had made and was absolutely correct. The person I was sending the wine to was very pleased. The wine was received on the same day too, all two days before Christmas! Well done!
  • Duncan Russell: Looking forward to my next virtual wine tasting with Cellar Doors this Friday, Pinot Nero from Italy this time around. I used to think that drinking wine was all the pleasure one could get from wine. Not so! The folks at Cellar Doors, especially Penny and Geraldine, have made it so easy to explore, select and buy great wines at affordable prices that I would not otherwise have discovered nor enjoyed so much! Thank you ladies!
  • Andrew Archer: Fantastic local wine merchant. Stocks a wide variety of wine at different prize levels. Staff are really knowledgeable and friendly and happy to provide advice where needed. It's great to browse in the shop but when I can't make it their delivery service is excellent. And on top of all that, they regularly arrange tasting events (currently online). It's easy to support local business when it's this good!
  • Lizzie Norton: I’ve recently started to order a monthly wine case from Cellar Door Wines. I am so happy with the selection, prices and detailed descriptions of wines on their website. The 10% discount on cases is especially nice. The delivery is always the same day and delivered with a friendly face. I highly recommend Cellar Door!!
  • David Elliott: Excellent service and knowledge of wine. Very casual atmosphere, tasting available on request. Regular events so be sure to check their social media. Limited free parking available.
  • Virginia O: Excellent online selection and home delivery. Purchased during the Easter as unable to get a delivery slot online at any of the main shopping supermarkets. Wonderful selection of wines, beers and spirits reasonably priced. Very speedy home delivery service. I will purchase again. Good quality wines, beers and spirits. Very happy with the selection and services received