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Saliza Amaretto 70cl

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A traditional Italian amaretto made with crushed almonds.

The name comes from a Venetian legend. Salizada refers to one of the first paved streets in Venice, where you can still find a red stone in the shape of a heart. When lovers touch it they will love each other for ever after.

Country: Italy

Region: Fruili

ABV: 28%

Grape Spirit

The Story of Tosolini

The special secret of Tosolini distilled spirits will never be revealed to anyone outside of the members of the family. The ancient art acquired by Master Distiller Bepi Tosolini continues to live on in the professional commitment that is displayed by the entire family, from Giovanni, who now heads the company, to his grandchildren Giuseppe, Bruno and Lisa.

The Tosolini family are committed to preserving and refining the knowledge that their grandfather Bepi acquired from the master distillers of the territory of Friuli. This philosophy has resulted in a continual search for improved product quality and purity, while maintaining the intuition and mastery displayed by Bepi Tosolini also resulted in some innovations in the production of distillates. Defined by a famous journalist from the specialised press as the “patriarch of the still”, Bepi arranged for some special steam stills featuring manual controls to be built, which are still used by the company today. In fact, the steam still does not “burn” the marc or the grapes, but instead delicately transports the alcoholic vapours to the top of the device, allowing a pure and aromatic distillate to be obtained.

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