Montanaro Aperitivo 6 P.M.
Montanaro Aperitivo 6 P.M.

Montanaro Aperitivo 6 P.M.

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The ‘Aperitif’ of the Maison Montanaro originated a secret recipe studied and put into practice by our Master Distiller. In fact, this allows us to have a bright red tones without using chemical dyes, only natural plant extracts such as red apple, radish, cherry, carrot and sweet potato are used. The balance and unmistakable taste is given by citrus essences, herbs and natural aromas.

It is a Typical Italian aperitif perfect for after work, hence the name 6 p.m., in combination with the Vermouth Rosso Montanaro for a classic cocktail typical of the 1970s. Excellent on the rocks with soda.

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