Lautus De- Alcoholised Savvy White alcohol free

Lautus De- Alcoholised Savvy White alcohol free

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ABV: 0.45%

Reg Holder started his career with vintages in France, Australia and the USA before
returning to South Africa. He then spent 11 years as the winemaker at both Neil Ellis and
In 2015, while his wife was pregnant with their first child, he started experimenting with
de-alcoholised wine for her. When they were expecting their second, in 2017, Reg decided
that he was going to move full time into the Lautus de-alcoholised project.
He uses a state of the art piece of machinery that combines centrifugal force and a
vacuum in order to extract the alcohol while leaving the wines' volatile flavour and
aromatic essence intact.
Unquestionably the best de-alcoholised wine we have tried!