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KWV Cruxland Gin 700ml

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Kalahari Truffles and Rooibos tea?! Not your average botanicals and not likely you've tasted anything like this before. 

Country: South Africa

Region: South Africa

ABV: 42%

Grape Spirit

KWV The Mentors

London Dry style gin crafted using botanicals unique to the Cape region. Kalahari Truffles, the signature botanical used and known locally as !N'abbas, can only be found by experienced truffle hunters after it rains, when the truffles swell up and create a distinctive cross shaped crack in the ground giving away their location. This cross in the land is where the gin derives its name from.

The gin is double distilled from grapes with more common botanicals juniper, coriander, cardamom, lemon, almond and aniseed and then two other more whackey South African botanicals, Rooibos and Honeybush, which compliment the truffle to give Cruxland gin a distinct South African character .

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