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Hitchin Honey Gin 70cl

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This limited edition Hitchin Honey Gin is a London Dry made with classic botanicals and infused with honey from own hives. The honey used in this small batch was harvested in the Summer of 2019 when our hives were in residence at a local lavender field. Delicious as a simple G&T paired with Elderflower tonic water. Enjoy!

40% ABV

Appearance: Pale, golden, honey
Our hand-harvested, hand-spun honey is what gives this unique gin its distinctive straw-like hues.

Bouquet: Honey, lavender, orange-rind
The distinctive note of our Cardona & Son raw honey is what makes our gins undoubtedly ours, none more so than our lavender edition. Subtle notes of lavender that are found naturally in the honey, with a bright citrus undertone.

Palate: Lavender, honey, citrus fruits
Not quite as sweet as our original Hitchin Honey Gin, but still packed with all of the honey goodness. The honey characters are at the forefront of the gin, with a bright and prominent lavender note. Waxy blood orange flavours and softer cinnamon characters emerge towards the end of the palate as the subtle sweetness is balanced by a refreshing acidity, that cleans the palate into a long, nectar-like, drying finish

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