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Frapin Cigar Blend

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The Frapin Cigar Blend is perfect for enjoying slowly with a great cigar (legal note - we have to say we are not recommending smoking......) -----

A great quality Cognac, single-estate from the Frapin Vineyards. Deep and rich, yet also soft and smooth on the finish. A sign of a well aged and matured cognac.

Country: France

Region: Cognac


Grape based spirit

The Frapin family have been around the Southwest of France since 1270. Always active in the domain of winegrowing, they specialised in distillation much later on and have since continued to stand strong throughout 20 generations. The estate owns 300 hectares of land entirely in the Grand Champagne area, of which 200 are planted with vines. Frapin's home in the beautiful caste Fontpinot in the town of Segonzac. The most famous family member was the 16 author Francois Rabelais, after whom a prestigious Frapin bottle is named, The Cuvee Rabelais. Frapin was the first Cognac producer to invent a multi­vintage blend, combining vintages of th century different years to create the perfect taste.