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Fernando de Castilla Antique Palo Cortado 50cl

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Truly awesome! The awesomeness of which will set any sherry aficionados taste buds trembling.

A fine rare wine, which combines the pure tangy nuttiness of Amontillado with the smooth smoky richness of Oloroso in an elegant complex style.

Country: Spain

Region: Jerez

ABV: 20%

Grapes: Palomino

Bodegas Rey Fernando de Castilla is located in the historic centre of Jerez. Its story began with the aristocratic Andrada-Vanderwilde family, who for two centuries provided grapes and wine for the production of sherry in the area. In 1972 Fernando Andrada-Vanderwilde took over some old sherry cellars and brandy soleras from a couple of local bodegas, and changed the name of the company from Fernando III to Fernando de Castilla.