James Eadie Ardmore 22 yo

James Eadie Ardmore 22 yo

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In 2016 we discovered James Eadie’s 19th-century ledgers. And after reviving his long-lost blend. Trade Mark ‘X’, we looked at the types of casks that he held in his warehouse.
Like many blenders of his time, Mr. Eadie was fond of casks which had previously held brandies or fortified wines. These included Sherry Cask Finish range
explores the flavours which additional maturation in these types of fortified wine barrels can offer. But some barrels are truly one-of-a-kind. Unique in style and flavour, these are bottled as Single Casks. All Cask Finish and Single Cask releases are bottled at cask strength, natural colour and unchillfiltered. They are each supplied in individual gift tubes.

Region: Highlands

ABV: 55.7%

Aged:  22

Wood: Sherry Butt Finish [83

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