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Waterkloof Cape Coral Mourvedre Rosé 2022

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A fine pale-coloured rosé with delicate aromas of pomegranates and raspberry and a distinctive flintiness. There’s finesse and elegance on the palate with flavours of soft red fruits, a gentle silky texture and a lingering fresh acidity on the finish.

If you ask someone what is their favourite wine, most would mention a red or a white. Very few would give a rosé. But, (for us) South Africa has taken the 'common' rosé and turned it into an art form. 

Such a delicate and perfumed rosé. Take a bit of sophisticated Provence rosé, give it a little hint of international dynamic, a little bit of relaxed "take me as I am" S'African personality and the result is this deliciously drinkable rosé from Stellenbosch.

Country: South Africa

Region: Schapenberg, Stellenbosch

Grapes: Mourvedre

ABV: 13%

Biodynamic and Organic

Waterkloof Wines

Winemaker Nadia Barnard:

In October 2022 Penny had the great pleasure of visiting Waterkloof Estate on the slopes of the Schapenberg, Stellenbosch with a few colleagues from the UK wine trade. They spent the good part of two days being driven around this beautiful, sustainably managed piece of land by winemaker, Nadia Barnard. All of the vineyards on the estate are farmed following organic and biological principles. Here at Cellar Door Wines we've always been huge fans of Waterkloof wines. It is always lovely to taste Nadia's wines in Saint Albans, but to be able to do so at Waterkloof, with the woman herself, was extra special. Tasting wine at the place of its birth explains the why and the how of its individuality. The people behind the vineyard and winery are also key components in the equation. The Cape and Waterkloof has such diversity of wine style with a great price quality ratio.