Cafe 20 Hermitage Cognac
Cafe 20 Hermitage Cognac

Cafe 20 Hermitage Cognac

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ABV: 42%

Hermitage Cognac was founded by David Baker for whom, more than sixty years ago, wine tasting became an obsession. Soon he was looking for drinks with more diverse and complex flavours. Cognac won the day and the company was formed.

Hermitage seek history and provenance in their cognacs which are either vintages from the year of harvesting, or age statements, with defined years of barrel ageing.
Cognacs from the Grande Champagne mature more slowly, but this is an advantage. They can remain in their casks for longer, drawing on the oak that will, after decades of ageing, provide the intense richness known as rancio.
Their cognacs are very special so only those from single estates are acceptable. Each handpicked cognac reflects the terroir of its origin and the dedicated skills, accrued over generations, of the family who produced it.
For decades Hermitage have striven to provide cognacs of the very highest quality. Their experience and understanding of old cognacs, and their bookmarks in history, has provided them with an intimate relationship with both the cellars from where they
come and the cognacs themselves.

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