Beykush Albariño 2022
Beykush Albariño 2022

Beykush Albariño 2022

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The wine has a special character when a delicate, creamy taste softens all its audacity. Notes of sea spirit, passion fruit, and a gentle pear mousse.

Grapes: Albarino

Country: Ukraine

Region: Mykolaiv

Food pairing: pasta, pork, poultry, vegetarian, appetizers and snacks, mild and soft cheese

Beykush Winery is a family winery located close to the Black Sea in Chernomorka village, Mykolaiv region. Beykush vineyards consist of 14 hectares of French, Italian, and Georgian clones. They also expertly work with the Ukrainian indigenous white grape variety Telti Kuruk, which is the most important and unique for the area. The winery is recognized for its accolades at the Decanter World Wine Awards.

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