St Albans Wine?

St Albans Wine?

Yes you read correctly! If you live in St Albans or Hertfordshire you will probably be very surprised to hear that there is a vineyard in the area and you will be even more surprised to know that the wine being produced from it's grapes is fantastic!

Andy and Karina Harrison decided to plant an acre of vines, half and half white Solaris and  red Rhodo on their beautiful Chiswell Green property about 8 years ago, as a hobby. In 2018 they appointed Suffolk winemaker (and ex-surgeon) Michael Rhodes to turn their Solaris and Rondo grapes into wines.  In recent years, due to careful vineyard management and the vines maturing healthily, the fruit and their talented winemaker, they have produced some seriously good English wine.

In return for our help in the vineyard during harvest time, us lucky folk at Cellar Door Wines have been given the honour of selling Andy and Karina's rare wines to our wonderful, wine loving customers.These wines are produced in very small quantities, so we do tend to limit the amount of bottles purchased by any one household. So if you love St Albans and local and want to support the local boutique wine industry - then come and see us. (or click on our website)

We are also hosting a virtual wine tasting with Michael Rhodes on the 23rd April - ticket details available on Eventbrite, see link below. Ticket availability is also limited due to the same reasons as above.

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