Fantastical Christmas Revels at Hatfield Park December 2023

Fantastical Christmas Revels at Hatfield Park December 2023

Hatfield Park has a new Tudor Christmas experience this December 2023. The Fantastical Christmas Revels hosted by Queen Elizabeth I will take you through a journey of 9 beautifully crafted installations and displays, exclusively created by CLW Event Design, a collective of theatrical practitioners, designers and artists.
The experience ends in the beautiful Stable Yard where we have a wine shop. There is also a café called the Coach House Kitchen, independent retailers Fiona Rae Jewellers, Slumbering Hound pet boutique, Carl Russel and Co Gunmakers and Country wear and The Jodhpur Company bespoke Tailors. Come and see us this Christmas for mulled wine, wine by the glass and boutique gift browsing in a festive, historic environment.

The Stable Yard at Hatfield House

 Queen Elizabeth I Hatfield Park

Cellar Door Wines at Hatfield House

Tudor Tree Hatfield House

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