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Puddingstone Distillery PUD PUD Bourbon and Port barrel aged Gin 50cl

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*PUD PUD Cask Gin was rated 1st place in The Telegraph's Christmas Gins 2019 top 6! 10/10*

*PUD PUD Cask Gin was rated 3rd place in The Telegraph's Christmas Gins 2018 top 6!*

There comes a time when the ex-bourbon casks we use for our award winning Campfire Cask Aged Gin get a little ‘tired’, but as we've discovered they still have life in them. PUD PUD Cask Christmas gin was first launched as an experiment for World Gin Day 2018.

So what is PUD PUD Cask Gin? Well, more than you think, is the answer. First we rest our original PUD PUD Gin in our ex-bourbon casks (for a secret number of days). The gin is then decanted into a stainless steel drum so we can refill the bourbon casks with a ruby port and leave it for nearly a month. You’ve guessed it, we then empty out the port and replace it with the gin for another ageing session. The result, a bourbon/port cask aged Hertfordshire Christmas pudding gin.

Wondering what we do with the port? We’ve yet to decide. As it’s also now technically bourbon cask infused we should also make it available for sale. What do you think?

Our preferred serve is neat over ice but for a G&T we favour Fever-Tree Aromatic tonic water. As with PUD PUD Gin we like to savour a small piece of 70% dark chocolate as a side garnish.

The Christmas puddings in the PUD PUD Gin range are distilled and therefore the gins are gluten free.

40% ABV