Blank Bottle Luuks 2022

Blank Bottle Luuks 2022

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Luuks - it keeps getting better and better! Now in its third release, this is at first smoky and tense, coupled with just the right level of opulence - clotted cream, crunchy biscuits and chiffon cake, white flowers and buttered toast too. Very broad and long. So well-balanced, and with a long future ahead of it. The name comes from the barrel it was aged in: the first ever new barrel that Pieter bought. Luuks roughly translates from Afrikaans to 'lux' or 'luxury' in English and it became a bit of a nickname for this wine aged in their fancy new barrel.  

Country: South Africa

Region: Swartland

Grapes: Chardonnay

ABV: 13.5%

Food Match: 

Winemakers don't come much more creatively brilliant than the genius that is Pieter Walser. He's the sort of man that's had more fantastic ideas before breakfast than we manage in a whole week and that talent shines through in his wines. Each comes with a story often as captivating as they are mystifying so we've asked him to record a few to give you an insight into the magic behind the vino!

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