The Colonsay Brewery Pig's Paradise Blonde 4.4%

The Colonsay Brewery Pig's Paradise Blonde 4.4%

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A delicious blonde beer from the isle of Colonsay

Named after a remote sheltered cliff-top on the island, Pig’s Paradise is where the island’s porkers gathered above the crashing seas for protection from storms and to feast on Atlantic wildflowers. One misplaced trotter and these pigs were bacon. Their quest for full flavoured treats, inspired us to create a refreshing, session blonde beer with depth and crispness.

Country: Scotland

Region: Colonsay

ABV: 4.4%

Brewing beer on an island is challenge enough. Brewing beer on a remote Hebridean island of 120 people, accessible by boat (weather permitting) some two-and-a-half hours from the Scottish mainland is another thing altogether. Colonsay is not just any Scottish island. It is the smallest island in the world with its own brewery.