Paradigm Watercress Ale 3.6%

Paradigm Watercress Ale 3.6%

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Made with freshly picked organic watercress from Tylers beds in sarratt village and a combination of spring, amber and crystal malted barley and a touch of Columbus hops to give a pleasant bitterness. 

Hand-crafted real ales from beautiful sarratt village in hertfordshire, england. We brew traditionally using the finest hops and malted barley plus a lifelong passion for proper beer and just a hint of irony.....

'Our beers are natural - we add no nasty chemicals or stabilisers so what you see is what you get; a natural, locally-brewed real ale. This does mean that, occasionally, our beers are a little hazy. It doesn't affect the flavour or aroma though, it’s a natural part of being, well, natural. Here's some of the chemicals others add, but we choose not to... Magicol AC – Kompacticleer - Salicon Liquid - Sodium Benzoate - Zeolite 63 - Eurgh!'

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