Ouma se wyn Muscat

Ouma se wyn Muscat

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A sweet shop in a bottle. Open and taste the magic. -----

A bright, golden colour and intense aroma, reminding those who knew her of Ouma Lisbeth Jonker's sweets drawer. Fragrances of honey and citrus blossoms fill the room. It is full sweet but finishes with a beautiful elegance.

Country: South Africa

Region: Robertson

ABV: 15%

Grapes: Muscat de Frontignan


Old Muscat de Frontignan vines are used to make this wine. Grapes are picked at full ripeness and experience handed down from generation to generation is used to craft Ouma se Wyn (Grandmother's Wine). The picture on the label is Philip Jonker's grandmother, Lisbeth Jonker.

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