Korde by Pinea 2020

Korde by Pinea 2020

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Visibly clean with aromas of raspberries, currants and black plums. And delicate citrus notes and subtle floral aromas. A full-bodied rosé wine. Its light red colour denotes brightness and subtle accents of yellow and orange highlights, achieved during the aged in oak. 

KORDE is a unique rosé, made with 100% red grapes of the Tempranillo varietal, from a careful selection of clusters from our “La Encina” vineyards. These 40-year-old vines are planted at 3,050 feet above sea level in white sandy limestone soils, and a special bio-climate environment that gives KORDE grapes a super balance of acidity and flavour.

KORDE is fermented in ceramic eggs with extreme controls of temperature and careful maceration to maintain its rosé structure and minerality. It is then aged in French oak barrels from the famous tronçais and bertranges forests, made with staves of extra fine grain and medium toasting. The time of construction in barrel enriches our wine with delicate toast notes that, when combined with the freshness of the fruit, make Korde an expressive and elegant rosé of great depth.

Country: Spain

Region: Ribeira Del Duero

Grapes: Tempranillo

ABV: 15%