Rocca Del Dragone Falanghina

Rocca Del Dragone Falanghina

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Wow. Ok we are blowing our own trumpet with this but we're pretty proud of this find.-----

This is a serious wine with an elegant palate, good acidity and a touch of minerality. With a lovely pale yellow colour it gives a delightful bouquet of flowers with hints of melon and almonds.

Country: Italy

Region: Campania

ABV: 12.5%

Grapes:  100% Falanghina

Food Match:  Seafood & shellfish

 Rocca del Dragone:  Legend has it that on Monte Petrino, which overlooks the town of Mondragone, lived a dragon. The locals, fearful of its intents, wanted to hunt it down and kill it. The dragon however, who wanted no more than to be left alone and was peaceful, built himself this Rocca to protect himself from the fury of the locals. The people were never able to break through the Rocca and never managed to kill the dragon. Some locals say that you can still hear him on Monte Petrino on the windiest of evenings...