Ecuador 70% Organic Dark Chocolate Bar (Vegan) 80g

Ecuador 70% Organic Dark Chocolate Bar (Vegan) 80g

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Our Intense 70% Ecuadorian chocolate is deep, velvety and forceful with notes of dark fruit, ripened plum and concentrated bitter-sweet smokiness from the 'ancestral home' of the cocoa bean.

This perfectly balanced chocolate has the subtle floral, blackcurrant and spice profile of the recently rediscovered Cacao Nacional, "Black Gold" the chocolate of legend.

Wine Pairing

With its dusky complexity brightened by hints of jammy fruit , this richly nuanced chocolate affords you an opportunity to explore with your pairings –Argentinian Malbec, full bodied with soft tannins and strong notes of cherry and plum would create a wonderfully indulgent treat.