Cellar Door Wine Club

All wine clubs say they are different, but ours actually is.
We offer 2 levels of membership: Club level and Premium Level, which we send out to our members quarterly or monthly.
Club Case 12 - around £120 (12 bottles)
Club Case 6 - around £60 (6 bottles)
Premium Case 12 - around £200 (12 bottles)
Premium Case 6 - around £100 (6 bottles)
These can be sent monthly or quarterly as you wish and of course you can pause your membership at any time.
However (and this is where we differ), being a small independent, we pride ourselves in getting to know all of our customers' preferences, so we can tailor your case to suit your taste and budget. We'll contact you to get an idea of the kind of wines you prefer, and then let us do the rest. We'll always push your comfort zone a little and suggest a few that you may not have heard of, but that's what we like to do!
Our members also enjoy advance notification and priority booking to our paid tastings and masterclasses, as well as advance notice and ability to reserve limited and small parcel wines we have arriving to the Cellar.

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