Conte Vistarino Costa del Nero Pinot Nero 2018

Conte Vistarino Costa del Nero Pinot Nero 2018

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A deep ruby red with garnet hues. With a rich and appealing scent, fresh and wide with scent of Pinot Nero grapes even if softly refined in oak. Fine on the pallet, delightful, smooth, full bodied, very well-balanced with a pleasant mineral long finish. Tannins and acidity go together very well and the result is strength and harmony at the same time.

Country: Italy

Region: Lombardy, Oltrepo Pavese DOC

Grapes: Pinot Nero

ABV: 13%

The Vistarino estate in Rocca de’ Giorgi, Oltrepò Pavese has been owned by the same family for hundreds of years. Carlo Giorgi di Vistarino introduced the Pinot Noir grape to the region at the end of the 19th Century, now his great granddaughter Ottavia is
taking the lead. Pinot Noir has become synonymous with the province, and by using state-of-the-art vineyard and winery technology, Ottavia is producing consistently high-quality, complex and elegant wines.