Quinta do Noval Centenário Extra Virgin  Organic  Olive Oil 500ml

Quinta do Noval Centenário Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil 500ml

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Centenário is the result of a strict selection of the very finest olive oil from Quinta do Noval, produced from ancient trees with very low yields, revealing exceptional finesse and aromatic intensity. This limited edition bottling under the Centenário name is the ultimate expression of olive oil from the legendary terroir of Quinta do Noval.

The Douro has a microclimate and soils that are particularly suitable for the cultivation of olive trees, which have inhabited the region for many centuries. In the olive groves of Quinta do Noval we can find the traditional varieties: Cordovil, Galega, Verdeal, Madural and Cobrançosa.
Centenário is a very rigorous selection of the best of all Quinta do Noval olive oils. The main varieties used were Verdeal, Madural and Cordovil. Quinta do Noval produces olive oils of great personality and purity, with a fine herbaceous and almond aromatic trace that reflects the aromas of plants that grow around the olive grove.

The olives were ground in granite millstones and the masses centrifuged at low temperature to extract the purest oil. The oil was then lightly filtered before bottling.

Centenário olive oil has a very low natural acidity, with a pleasant and aromatic bouquet reminiscent of the wild herbs and plants that grow on the property and a slight almond touch. Centenário is particularly intense and elegant with a harmonious and long aftertaste, and we found it so exceptional that we decided to bottle it separately.